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star wars jedi apprentice wikipedia - star wars jedi apprentice is a popular series of books in the fictional star wars legends universe published between 1999 and 2002 jude watson is the primary author of the series although the first book was written by dave wolverton the books follow the adventures of young jedi obi wan kenobi and his master qui gon jinn before the events of star wars episode i the phantom menace, star wars actor appearances - this is your all inclusive source for star wars actor appearances from the largest con to the smallest book signing we will bring them to you, simple star wars book list timeline of star wars novels - this is a simple list of all of the full length star wars novels to date in chronological order of when the stories take place this list does not include most young readers books or short novellas, star wars disney wiki fandom powered by wikia - each of the star wars films start with an opening crawl the film series began with star wars released on may 25 1977 this was followed by two sequels the empire strikes back released on may 21 1980 and return of the jedi released on may 25 1983 the opening crawl of the sequels disclosed that they were numbered as episode v and episode vi respectively though the films were, star wars wikip dia a enciclop dia livre - logotipo da s rie criador george lucas publica es impressas livros livros de star wars filmes e televis o filmes star wars 1977 the empire strikes back 1980 return of the jedi 1983 the phantom menace 1999 attack of the clones 2002 revenge of the sith 2005 star wars the clone wars 2008 the force awakens 2015 rogue one 2016 the last jedi 2017, star wars franchise tv tropes - star wars is a space opera franchise created by george lucas and produced by lucasfilm the theatrical films were distributed by 20th century fox from 1977 to 2005 and eventually disney in 2012 on after the acquisition of lucasfilm with lucasfilm president kathleen kennedy serving as a producer for all films released under the disney banner the main saga is split into trilogies of theatrical, most powerful star wars races ranked screenrant - star wars wouldn t be the same without its aliens george lucas fantasy world may place human characters such as luke skywalker and han solo at the forefront but the popular franchise wouldn t be nearly as iconic without its colorful array of aliens creatures and monsters, twi lek wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - numa a twi lek youngling since female twi leks were regarded as graceful and beautiful beings many of them were forced into a life of slavery at the hands of the galaxy s wealthy and powerful other twi leks however found themselves in positions of power bib fortuna served as the majordomo to the crime lord jabba the hutt for decades aayla secura was a jedi knight of the jedi order and, star wars 18 most important planets in the galaxy ranked - a long time ago there was a galaxy far far away with lots and lots of planets the star wars franchise had desert planets swamp planets ice planets city planets forest planets basically if there was a climate or condition needed for the film star wars they created a whole new planet for it the structure of the star wars saga has stayed fairly stable over the last 40 years, movie star wars episode vii the force awakens fanfare - a continuation of the saga created by george lucas and set thirty years after star wars episode vi return of the jedi 1983 posted by endsofinvention 3136 comments total 81 users marked this as a favorite, lumiya wookieepedia fandom powered by wikia - circa 0 5 aby brie s flight school class transferred from coruscant to carida for one last year of study at the imperial military academy there brie and her classmates participated in one term of stormtrooper boot camp followed by a further two terms of strategy survival and tactics as the school s finest pilot the role of flying the personnel shuttle from coruscant to the academy fell